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Sell your IPv4s

Sell your IP Addresses

Businesses or companies across industries who no longer need or have no need for their existing IPv4 address space can safely sell them in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions. We at IPv4online can help you determine how much IPv4 address blocks you can sell or how much you need to, and how you can get the maximum market value of it.

The demand for IPv4 is increasingly growing widening the gap between the supply and demand, and has created a huge shortage of this IP, prompting business with excess IPv4 or those who no longer need it to dispose them at a very significant amount. Businesses who are aching to have IPv4 are willing to pay a good rate to sellers, and those businesses with surplus IPv4 addresses knows that now is probably is the best time to sell. The current situation dictates that sellers can now afford to let go of their surplus IPv4 address and at a good price. Companies who are in need of additional funds in order to upgrade their infrastructure or basically need more cash to help add more revenues to their bottom line, but cannot seem to find a source for it, can sell their extra or unused IPv4 space. 

They shortage caused by the exhaustion of the IPs gave them the upper hand in the negotiation table. IPv4 address helps a lot of businesses across industries. And with its rapid exhaustion, it can have an impact on businesses needing them. This gave IPv4 owners the opportunity to sell or even just have it leased at a good price. While there are still businesses or companies who actually use their IPv4 space blocks, a lot of firms and organizations across industries do not use it or are more efficient using their ipv4 addressing plan.

If you are interested in monetizing your excess blocks of IPv4 addresses, continue reading.

To ensure that you can make a good profit from your IPv4 address, make sure you deal with reliable and trusted facilitators or brokers who can assist you in determining the fair market value of the IPs and show a lot of qualified buyers.

Here are the basic steps in selling your IPv4 address blocks:

First step is the agreement. Just like in most businesses, if not all, it will all start with both parties agreeing in the conditions stipulated in the contract. Here, the buyer and the seller have to agree to all the provisions which includes, terms, price and other conditions. They will then have to sign the purchase agreements. This process will usually take 1 to 5 days, sometimes longer if some conditions are not met.

Next step would be the buyer paying the seller. Price has to be agreeable to both parties. It has to be acceptable to both of them and this would also the terms and the manner of payment. For most businesses the transaction is being brokered by a dependable firm who can bridge the buyer and seller, and help them should there be any dispute. To consummate this procedure, it would run between 1 to 5 days, and can be done via or, or would depend entirely to the two parties.

Third step is the submission of IPv4 transfers. This has to be done by both the seller and the buyer. This will take a bit longer, usually, 5 to 10 days.

In the fourth step, the seller has to provide or gives  all the pertaining documents, signs the forms and will take about a day or two.

Step 5 is the verification process which would take another five to ten days depending on the completeness of the documents submitted. Here the RIR will verify the seller and reviews the IPv4 request.  

Then comes the approval step wherein the RIR will finally approve the transfer and update the whois. This step will just take a day to complete unless otherwise an issue is raised.

Once the whois is updated, the fund or payment is released to the seller the very same day.

If you are looking to sell your excess or unused IPv4 address, make sure you deal with the right buyer or buyers, and if you are going to sell it through a broker or facilitator, make sure to check the veracity of the company that you are dealing with. Sometimes, doing business with brokers can up the price even more, although they can expedite the process and with their expertise, they can present to you multiple buyers who are willing to pay you at a premium price safely and securely. A reliable broker or IP facilitator can also make sure to move the addresses to its intended destination fast, safely and hassle free, not to mention at a significantly high price. And if you have a complicated situation surrounding your IPv4 address blocks, a good broker can help you in this.

Here are some key points to remember when tapping a broker to sell your IPv4:

  • The broker or the facilitator has to have a good review brokering of sales between the seller and buyer all over the world. They need to have a good reputation and has to have a fairly good review.
  • They should be experienced in the information of subnetting, routing, BGP and also geolocation.
  • The facilitator or broker can also provide assistance with regards to governing registries.
  • A good broker can review thoroughly, generate and even translate contracts to all parties.
  • They can expertly prepare all pertaining documents, prepare chain of custody, valuation and auditing. The broker can also identify spammers, squatter and hijackers easily, and at the same time support in delisting and cleaning up.

There are more ways to identify a good broker who can help you when you decide to sell your IPv4 space block.

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