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We buy IPv4s

We purchase IP Addresses

The process of buying IP addresses can be a bit complex and even unclear if you are not familiar with all of this stuff. So, far there is not much information about the transfer process, the legalities surrounding the sale of the IP, and whether this address is clean and safe.

The global demand plus the popularity of the IPv4 among businesses across industries have caused the speedy exhaustion of the IPv4 address blocks all over the world. The gap as a matter of fact between the supply and demand has widened tremendously making it hard for a lot of businesses to have IPv4 address blocks.

IPV4online can help you in making decisions in buying IPv4 address space. We can assist you with your IPv4 address search, know whether the address blocks are available for purchase or for lease, and how safe these addresses are when acquiring them, and provide lists of probable blacklisted IPs.

We can also provide insights on how to streamline the purchase it, the process and procedures that goes with it and the things that would make the transfer safe, fast and secure.

IPv4online have a strong rapport with both potential buyers and sellers, by providing them with ideas vital and important for their respective businesses. We can provide them with important information regarding the IPv4 Address Blocks, the tools and the price that goes with it. And while a lot of companies and businesses would normally check each IPv4 address one-by-one against a few blacklisted IPs, we at IPv4online can provide you with more IP blacklists. We also strive very hard in order to provide you with the best possible and accurate solutions when it comes to the purchase of IPv4 address blocks.

Steps and procedures that you need to know when buying IPv4 Address Blocks

If you are located in ARIN, RIPE or even APNIC, here are the transfer processes that you should be aware of. It would normally take between 2 -3 weeks and are a few days apart for each process.

Agreement: First off, the agreement. Both parties have to come to an agreement on what is stipulated in the contract or what any of the parties want or need. It would include but not limited to: pricing, terms and conditions.  A contract can be drafted to solidify the arrangement and make it official. This process can basically take up to 3 days, some may take a week, but it would normally depend on what arrangement either of the parties have.  

Payment: Once the two parties have come to an agreement, the buyer will have to go to the next step which is payment. Whatever price that has been agreed upon, the condition and the term of payments, the seller has to comply in order to consummate this process.  It is up to the seller how to be paid, but usually payment can be done online using or wire. Of course, there are ways to do this. Again this would take a certain number of days before the payment is cleared, but just to give you a heads up as it would take as much as 5 working days.

Transfer: After the payment has been received and secured, the transfer process can officially begin. Both parties can now submit IPv4 transfers which will take about 1 to 3 days.

Documentations: After the transfer, the seller has to submit the documents and papers will start to pour in for signatures. This will also stamp the arrangement between the two parties and can take up to 2 days.

Verification: Once the documents have been fully submitted and complied, a verification process will take place. The RiR will verify the seller and will review the IPv4 request, and will take as much as 10 working days before moving on to the next steps.

Approval: Once the RiR have verified the documents, it will then approve, transfer and update the Whois website confirming the new owner of the IP. This can take a day to finish.

Release: And on the same day, the funds can be released to the seller and the IP now goes to the buyer, officially and legitimately.

If you need to purchase IPv4 address blocks to further advance your business, you can contact us for more details. We can show you the benefits of buying an IPv4 address, and help you do away with traditional middlepersons or brokers which could make the price of the IP pricier.

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