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Selling Your IPv4 Subnets

Those who are planning to dispose of, of their IPv4 blocks, remember that this could be a one-time transaction. There is no time to practice nor will there be someone or somebody to show you how. And for a lot of sellers this could be the most important business deal to your future.

You know there are other IPv4 brokers in the market out there, and these brokers have wonderful stories to discuss with you, convincing you to tap them. But who can you really trust to get your business done quickly, safely and at the same time for the right price. Are you falling for those sweet promises that most brokers lay out for their prospects. Remember most of these brokers are there for their own objective.

Here are some guidelines when you plan to sell out your IPv4 subnets:

  • When is the appropriate time to sell your IPv4 blocks?
  • Are the prices for these blocks rising, going down or have plateau over time?
  • What will happen when the US Defense Department or the People’s Republic of China starts disposing large blocks of this old Internet Protocol?
  • Can I still keep some portion of my IPv4 Block and sell some of them?
  • Should I break my block down into pieces and sell them bits by bits?

The number of this old IP block is unique, and its sellers are just as unique. Of you believe that you are now ready and willing to sell, you may develop more detailed queries:

  • If I want to keep or still want to have a small block, should I buy a small block first, so I can renumber into it, and then dispose my larger block intact?   
  • There are addresses that are still in use, and I do not want to wait to sell until these addresses are all available, what viable options do I have?
  • Is it better to just continue routing the block during the sale process in order to avoid any hijacks?
  • What do I exactly need to do to make my block more attractive to potential buyers?

We are encouraging you to discuss with us for a quick consultation in order to learn any available options that you may have, especially if your situation is a bit complex. Contact us for a review and discussion of the current pricing and see what your IPv4 address assets are worth right now.


We have the knowledge and idea about this matter. We can make it happen for you. Plus, our experience will allow us to provide you with the right decision.

Reputable and Trusted

We offer references from your country of origin or from your industry type. Clients can discuss freely about their experiences with the trust that you share with your colleagues and business associates.

We have been in this industry for many years, and we have already helped a lot of people and clients regarding their IP concerns.  Contact us right now and let us start discussing about your IPv4 subnets.