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IP Transfer Process

IP Transfer Process

Companies that are certified brokers or facilitators can provide fast and hassle free IP Transfer Procedure.

Below are the steps involving the process of IP Transfer.

  • For the procedure to progress, both the seller and the buyer has to be verified. They have to comply with the following:
  • The buyer has to secure ARIN pre-approval for the block depending on the need for 24 months. The need has to be justified though.
  • On the part of the seller, they have to assure that ARIN fully recognize it as the authorized registrant of the IPv4 address block.
  • To protect both parties, a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA can be drafted and has to be signed by both the seller and the buyer. This is to protect them, their conversation and whatever discussions that are deemed confidential and important that they have from being leaked out to other parties.
  • The buyer, just like in any type of business, has to check, examine and inspect the IPv4 that the seller is trying to sell to them. The buyer should check both the technical aspect of the IP and the legalities of that surrounds the IPv4 being marketed to ensure that it meet their approval and is not on the black lists. Trusted and highly recommended brokers can give you guidelines regarding these features.
  • Asset Purchase Agreement. This defines the contractual terms and conditions as agreed by the buyer and the seller.
  • Payment Terms. Both parties can use an Escrow Account for North American Transfers. The buyer deposits the funds as stipulated in the Asset Purchase Agreement.
  • Here, the seller submits the American Registry for Internet Numbers or ARIN Transfer Request, and as asked for by ARIN, the supporting documents usually an online affidavit and other pertaining documents that may be demanded by ARIN. On the other hand, the buyer submits the online Transfer Request and once confirmed, ARIN transfers the IPs from the Seller going to the Buyer. The ARIN transfer is currently $300.
  • Once everything is cleared, the payment or the amount agreed upon is then released to the seller from the escrow account.
  • After the transfer is complete and consummated, the IPs is updated at WhoIs, and all information are transferred to the buyer. The new owner is then announced on the internet by the recipient buyer.

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